Winners of 2018 SMSF Princess Pageant Announced

The 2018 Princesses and Runner Ups were crowned Tuesday night during the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Princess pageant.  The pageant theme was “Boots and Tiaras,” and the evening was lead by master of ceremonies Deb McLoughlin.

Highlights of the pageant included the talent portion, during which contestants sang, dance, read a poem, and gave a speech, and a questions portion during which contestants each responded to a question. The 2017 Princesses and Runner Ups were on hand to describe their experience and to help during the crowning ceremony.

The winners of the pageant were:

First and Second Grade

  • Bryanne Smith – Princess
  • Kady Robertson – 1st Runner-Up
  • Kamara Gidron – Miss Congeniality

Third and Fourth Grade

  • Olivia Morey – Princess
  • Rory Wheeler – 1st Runner-Up/Miss Congeniality

Seventh and Eighth Grade

  • Emma Kortman – Princess
  • Haley Bendele – First Runner-Up
  • Ali Tupper – Miss Congeniality



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Garage Sale group guides Bargain Hunters during Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival

Jeff Parsons

The Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Village Wide Garage Sales group will be again be supporting garage salers as they seek out bargains and special treasures during this year’s festival. The group is in its fourth year of operation, and currently has over 800 members.

The group’s owner, Jeff Parsons, says that he spends the time and effort on the group because it helps the community.

“I’ve always loved the festival, and this is one way I can give back and volunteer to help promote it,” he said. “I know the sales are not officially recognized events for the festival, but they do bring a lot of people into the community. And the extra attendance can only help the community and the festival to grow.”

He is also motivated by the chance to help both the garage salers and the garage sale operators. “I ask for feedback every year after it’s over, and they are all enthusiastic about the list and map and appreciate the fact the it is there,” he said.

Being a garage sale enthusiast myself, the group was originally something that I had launched a year or two before Jeff became involved. As I became busier with other aspects of the festival, however, I found that I had less time to devote towards maintaining the group. Also, the Shepherd Police Department had been registering festival garage sales so the group wasn’t as relevant. Then four years ago the SPD stopped offering the garage sale registry, and I came across a link to a registration form that Jeff had shared online.

Jeff decided to publish an online garage sale registry of his own when he noticed that members of the community missed having one. “I was home sick for three days that year, so I started playing with Google docs and maps and figured out how to make it work,” he said.

I asked Jeff to take over as the owner of the group, and since then he has grown it into a garage saling community on Facebook. I’ve also appreciated his support and feedback over the years.

This year, the group will once again feature an online garage sale registration form, a google map, and a list. New this year will be a flyer with a QR Code which Jeff has been sharing with garage sale operators which they can post during their sales. Visitors will be able to view an online list of festival garage sales by scanning this code with their smartphones. Anybody planning on holding a garage sale can download the flyer here.

Here are links for the group and the garage sale resources:


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Catch a ride on a monster truck during the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival

Visitors to the 60th Annual Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival will have the chance to ride on board a monster truck. This year, the Shell-Camino Monster Ride Truck that was featured in the Netflix movie “Little Evil” has been added to the festival’s schedule of events. The truck was featured in the Netflix movie “Little Evil.”

The costs of the rides is $8 per passenger, or $15 for groups of two. Stunt driver Shelley Kujat will also be on hand to talk to fans and sign autographs.

The monster truck rides will be available during the following times:

  • Thursday 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Friday 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Saturday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.



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SMSF Parade will feature Shepherd High School graduates from 1958 and 1959

Part of the parade for the 60th year celebration will be devoted to 1958 and 1959.  We need about 16 people willing to ride in the parade representing the Shepherd High School graduates from 1958 and 1959.  Contact Pat (Wilbur) McBride 773-7897 or Clif Lehner 828-5977 for more details.

Princess Pageant to take place April 24

Photo courtesy of Shannon Wilcox

The Princess Pageant is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 24 at 7 p.m. Previously, it had been planned to be held last Sunday, but was postponed because of weather conditions. The pageant will be held inside the Shepherd High School Auditorium. The cost of admission is $3 for students, and $5 for adults.

Welcome to the 60th Annual Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival

It was 1958 when the earliest Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival was held in Shepherd. Trees were tapped, sap was gathered by volunteers, and the public was invited to a community wide pancake dinner. Proceeds from the sale of the syrup helped support recreational activities and facilities in the community. In its earliest years, the festivals consisted of fun, family activities, and was a community driven effort.

Today, the tradition lives on thanks to the Sugar Bush which produces the syrup, Shepherd Public Schools which graciously opens up their buildings for our activities, the resources and support provided by the Village of Shepherd, and, most of all, the residents of Shepherd who dedicate their time and energy towards helping to make the festival happen.

On behalf of the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival committee, the Sugar Bush Corporation, and the community of Shepherd, I want to welcome you to this year’s festival. The committee, also consisting of volunteers who give up their time and resources towards planning the festival, has worked hard to keep the tradition alive. Our goal has continued to be to offer a weekend that is fun and safe for everyone of all ages, and to raise funds to support the community. Because, from its smallest beginnings and up until today, that is what the festival has always been a about.

And, also why the Village of Shepherd is the sweetest little town anywhere around.

Pete Alexander

SMSF Chairman

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