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SMSF Festival seeking nominations for Festival Parade Grand Marshal

Each year, a member of the Shepherd community is honored for their contributions to the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival by being named Grand Marshal of the festival parade. They may have chaired an event, volunteered, or supported the festival in some other way.

The Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival committee is currently accepting Parade Grand Marshal nominations for 2019.

Nomination letters can be sent by email to or by mail to Diane Courter, P.O. Box 87, Shepherd, MI 48883. In your nomination, please include why you feel the person should be selected as grand marshal including the way in which they have contributed to the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival.

Nominations will be accepted until December 10.

SMSF Public Relations Strategy

The SMSF Website will once again provide the following type of information for visitors:

  • Event information (Calendar of events)
  • News and Announcements (Blog & Forum)
  • Contact Information (Contacts)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Q/A Forum)
  • About Us & Background on Festival

It will also contain the following additional features:

  • Discussion Forums
  • Questions/Answers Forum

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators includes anybody who is the lead for an event. This includes chairs, lead contacts, and event planners. If the event is being run by an outside vendor (for example, the helicopter rides), then the lead contact for that vendor is the event coordinator. The Public Relations coordinator will serve as an event coordinator under special circumstances or in the event that no other contacts or coordinators are available.

Event Information

General event information will be collected from each event coordinator and published or updated annually on the site. The descriptions will cover the following points:

  • Name of Event
  • Coordinators or contacts
  • General Description
  • Rules (if it is a contest)
  • Start and End Times
  • Date(s)
  • Volunteers Needed
  • Additional information

Event descriptions can be submitted via:

Updates should be sent via email or the online form.

It is event coordinators’ responsibility to ensure that the descriptions for their events are accurate. The Public Relations coordinator will send requests out when the information needs to be reviewed prior to publication in any printed materials such as the brochure, placemats, etc.

Event Promotion

The festival has the following resources or channels:

  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Promotional support is offered to all event coordinators, however everyone has the option of handling publicity on their own as long as they have submitted an approved description of their event and a campaign plan.

Website Updates and Publicity

As new information becomes available it will be added to the event descriptions on the site. However, updates that do not fit within the structure of an event description can be shared as a written or video update. This might include sneak peaks, discussion of an event’s main attraction, questions for visitors, retrospectives, and featured volunteers.

As much information as possible should be shared via the SMSF website because of its integration with other channels like Facebook and Twitter.

News items can be submitted via email to or an online form which is available on the site (

Forms and Downloadable Files

Materials that need to be distributed to site visitors can be provided as downloadable files on the site. This includes rules and registration forms. If your event will involve a registration process which will require web visitors to download a file, please make an note of it in either your event description or campaign plan.

Contact List

A list of festival contacts will be published on the site. It will be the event coordinators’ and other festival planners’ responsibility to maintain their contact information in the list. Contact information can be submitted via email to or via an online form. Changes can be requested via email.

A downloadable, printer friendly version of the contact list will be provided.

Event Catalog Form

Name of Event

Coordinators or contacts

General Description

Rules (if it is a contest)

Start and End Times


Volunteers Needed

Additional information

Publicity Contact (If not the same as Event Coordinator)

Campaign Plan

What should happen before the Event?

Any news, or types of information you might be able to share prior to the Festival?

What should happen during the Event?

What should happen after the Event?

Any summaries, list of winners, or updates that could be shared following the festival?

Your Name



Contact List

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

Email Address

Postal Address

Festival Title

Events you are involved in

Brenda Loomis Band

Maple Leafs 2018

Shepherd Sap buckets, 2013

Tractor Pull 2015

Maple Leafs 2017

SMSF 2014 5K/10K Run

Here are photos from 2014’s Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Run.


2014 SMSF Parade Photo Gallery

2016 SMSF Parade Photo Gallery

Here are photos taken during the SMSF Parade in 2016.