• Many events will return for the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival in April: helicopter rides, pancake meals, children’s village, pancake eating dinner. Which events are you most looking forward to?

  • Would like to participate in your 2018 festival as a crafter. Where would I find an application?

    Thank you

  • Can someone help me locate the number and/or e-mail address of a certain vendor?  I had his card, but we misplaced it…   Need asap..   He had woodworking.  Had tons of stools with different scenes on top..

  • I would like to get in contact with someone who is in charge of an event, or organizing the festival in general.

  • I am looking for the application or need to get in touch with them.

  • Hi there! I was curious if you currently have any BBQ food vendors at the Maple Syrup Festival? http://www.facebook.com/MaxonsBCQue