This year, the SMSF website features a questions and answers forum where visitors can post any questions they have, or respond with answers to questions that others have posted.
I am inviting festival attendees, residents, event coordinators, committee members, and organization leaders to check out this section of the website and help develop this resource by doing the following:
  1. Posting questions about the festival
  2. Posting the questions you commonly hear from the public, then responding to them with the most correct answer
  3. Following up with posted answers with a response of your own if you know of additional details that are relevant, or if you see a way of clarifying what has been written so far.
Answers can also be voted up or down based on their accuracy and clarity.
You can either register with the site before posting, or post anonymously.
General discussion, suggestions, or comments about the festival can be posted inside a discussion forum located within the site here: