Share your memories from past Shepherd Maple Syrup Festivals

In honor of the festival’s 60th anniversary, I am looking for memories and stories from past festivals. They could be descriptions of what the events were like, favorite events, what it was like to volunteer, what your experience attending the festival was as a kid and how it differed from what its like as an adult, taking your kids and experiencing the festival through their eyes,or really just anything else.

I’ve attached a link to the forum on the SMSF website where I’ve added a new section called “Festival Memories.” There are forums for each decade.

To help kick things off, this morning I published a post which discusses an article which appeared in an April 1966 edition of the Shepherd Argus. Issues of the Argus are available online thanks to the Shepherd Area Historical Society.

Your collaboration would help me with collecting this kind of information. Feel free to let others know that the SMSF Committee is looking for stories from past festivals. Memories or stories can also be emailed to

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