OCTOBER 11, 2017



Ron and Kenna Jean Rhynard, Patti Sandel, Kathy Shepard, Bob and Diane Courter, Will and Staci Bailey, Donna Salisbury, Louise and Vicki Travis, Brian Lieferman, Pete Alexander, Danielle Powell, Cady Sandel and Jon Morgan

Sect. Report

correction to September’s minutes should read the by-laws need to be changed from a membership run to a directorship corp. A motion to accept the minutes with the change was made by Patti Sandel and seconded by Bob Courter. Motion carried.

Treas. Report

(see attached)

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Louise Travis and seconded by Patti Sandel. Motion carried

New Business

  • Meeting started off with Jeff Storey, from Central MI Pulling Corp. explained to the committee different options to have a ‘Truck Pull’ for the Party in the Park event. Safety issues were brought up and Jeff explained that with his rig he has the power to shut the pull off if need be. His company has insurance but we still would need our event insurance. Using his sled would run the festival committee $1,800.00.
  • Discussion on who would get the entry money and gate money along with the ‘truck park’. (Spectators would be able to watch the event from their tailgate of their pickup) After discussion Will Bailey made a motion to go with Jeff Storey’ for the $1,800.00 and the use of his sled. Louise Travis seconded and the motion was carried.
  • Brian Lieferman explained the measurement of the TRACK and he recommended that we stay with the old track and scratch the idea of a new track. Bob Courter made a motion to keep the original track system with the extension required and Patti Sandel seconded. Motion carried. Brian will start on this project next week and hopefully have finished by winter.
  • Royalty Pageant—Danielle Powell and Cady Sandel are the new co=chairperson for the pageant. They are making plans to not have the pageant on the festival weekend.
  • Advertisement-Vicki will compose a letter and send it to businesses that have purchased advertisement signs in the past along the fence line of the community park. She will also make contact with other businesses to see if they would be interested in doing so. It was decided to leave the signs up from April 1st to November 1st.
  • Brian Lieferman made a motion and Jon Morgan seconded to purchase a Post Office Box for mailings. Motion carried.
  • Will Bailey is still working on getting the Tribe to donate an AED (defibulator)
  • Discussion on whether to charge the $5.00 per student in the Soccer Club or they need to help in the concession sells. The nets need to be maintained and the trash containers need to be looked at. We need to think about getting smaller barrels for the trash.
  • Diane has contacted Harry the Bubble Guy and told him maybe we would be able to relocate him down by the elementary school grounds. Diane will make contact with the school to see if we would be able to use that area.
  • Sugar Bush-Ron Rhynard reported that the Sugar Bush has approved the directorship run corp. from a membership run. Question was brought up whether the festival wants to split from the Sugar Bush or remain as one. More inaction needs to be done between the two (sugar bush and festival). The by-laws need to be written and need a voting committee—not just anyone can come to a meeting and vote. Motion by Bob Courter and seconded by Will Bailey to stay with the Sugar Bush and keep things going the way it’s been. Motion carried. A special meeting of the Sugar Bush will be the 3rd Sunday of November at 7:00 pm

Next meeting – November 8th

Diane Courter Sect.

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