SHEPHERD MAPLE SYRUP FESTIVAL MINUTES September 13, 2017 Coe Township Hall


September 13, 2017

Coe Township Hall

Present: Pete Alexander, Diane & Bob Courter, Kathy Shepard, Louise and Vici Travis, Claire Myer, Patti Sandel, Will and Stacey Bailey, Merrie and Arnie Hammel, Jon Morgan, Ron Rhynard and Kathy Edwards

Sects. Report

July’s minutes were available and Patti Sandel made a motion to accept and Kathy Edwards seconded. Motion carried.

Treas. Report

Motion by Bob Courter to accept the Treas. Report and Arnie Hammel seconded—Motion carried.

The August minutes weren’t available so the committee went into :


  • Will Bailey questioned whether we had money for the clay to be brought in to the Community Park for the start of development of the derby/tractor pull area. Pete said he has enough clay for the project as what was in the original bid from Quality Excavating. This project should be wrapped up before winter. Two rows of trees will be planted on the North end of the property fence line.
  • Party in the Park-Discussion was held on the event and it was decided to keep the DERBY for the Festival weekend but cancel it for the Party in the Park event. Bring back the ‘Truck Pulls’ for the Party in the Park. Motion was made by Bob Courter and seconded by Jon Morgan to set the date of August 25, 2018 and just have a one day event with a 2 day liquor license (RAIN) Motion passed. Will Bailey will contact a gentleman to come and talk to us about the Truck Pull. Louise Travis made a motion and Patti Sandel seconded to pay the gentleman $100.00 for his travel time as his request. Motion Carried.
  • Jay Travis says that the soccer nets need to be replaced. Discussion was held and it was a decision that we will replace the nets since this is a recreation activity and this is what this committee is all about. It was suggested that we have a defibulator at the Community Park. Will Bailey said he would check into maybe one can be donated by the Tribe.
  • The Soccer Club won’t again this year help in the concessions. We will receive $5.00 per participate, maybe 115 kids are involved.
  • Stacey reported that the school would like a % of the money from the concessions. Discussion was held with many questions. How would we keep track of our inventory? Let them furnish the products to sell and they work it and we will furnish the facility.
  • WEBSITE—Jon has reviewed the website and has a ‘Welcome’ message from Pete. A contact list with phone numbers—event page with contact person on it with phone number. The Website will be a ‘resource all year round.’
  • Flea Market-Vicki says they will be back.
  • Bubble Ball-Diane will get with Harry Verellen and discuss the new location for the event. The Jewell Family had won the naming of the street during the Party in the Park. The name of the street will now be “Zane Jewell Dr’.
  • To finish the fencing on South property line would run around $3,800.00
  • Pete brought up the idea that we could use a rototiller at the Community Park. After discussion, Ron Rhynard offered to let the festival use his and another guys.
  • Salt River Park needs maintenance. Get the list of the projects that need to be done and start marking them off the list.
  • Ron Rhynard announced that there will be a meeting of the Sugar Bush at the High School Cafeteria on Oct. 8th at 7:00 pm to go over the by-laws. Going to go from a ‘membership run’ to a ‘directorship Corporation. (Correction made from October meeting.)

Meeting adjourned

Diane Courter–Secretary

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