Welcome to the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival

It was 1958 when the earliest Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival was held in Shepherd. Trees were tapped, sap was gathered by volunteers, and the public was invited to a community wide pancake dinner. Proceeds from the sale of the syrup helped support recreational activities and facilities in the community. In its earliest years, the festivals consisted of fun, family activities, and was a community driven effort.

Today, the tradition lives on thanks to the Sugar Bush which produces the syrup, Shepherd Public Schools which graciously opens up their buildings for our activities, the resources and support provided by the Village of Shepherd, and, most of all, the residents of Shepherd who dedicate their time and energy towards helping to make the festival happen.

On behalf of the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival committee, the Sugar Bush Corporation, and the community of Shepherd, I want to welcome you to this year’s festival. The committee, also consisting of volunteers who give up their time and resources towards planning the festival, has worked hard to keep the tradition alive. Our goal has continued to be to offer a weekend that is fun and safe for everyone of all ages, and to raise funds to support the community. Because, from its smallest beginnings and up until today, that is what the festival has always been a about.

And, also why the Village of Shepherd is the sweetest little town anywhere around.

Pete Alexander

SMSF Chairman