April 9, 2017

Tractor Pull Rules

Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival

Cement Tractor Pull Rules

Weigh-in starts at: 7:30 AM

Pull will start at: 10:00 AM

Entry Fee: $20.00 per class

$200.00 for 1st Place

Other positions will also have a payout.

  1. Pullers will be able to jump one weight class.
  2. Weight classes:

4750 – Limited 18.4 – 6500 open 30.5 – 32

5500 – Limited 18.4 – 7500 open 30.5 – 32

  1. Hitch – 20 inches high, 24 inches back from center of the axle. Will be checked!
  2. No popping of concrete.
  3. No drinking of alcohol.
  4. Two wheel drive only.
  5. No jerking of chain. If chain jerks, there will be no measurement for that hook.
  6. Boundary lines will be set at 15 feet for all classes. If rear tire goes out or hits the line, there will be no measurement for that hook.
  7. Tires cannot hit between lugs. Tires can only hit on lug surface, not casing.
  8. Drivers must have control of the tractor at all times.
  9. Hitches and weight bars must be solid in all directions.
  10. Wheelie bars must be outside of radius of rear tires and be able to support tractor.
  11. If a weight falls off, you will lose the measurement for that hook.
  12. Judges will be chosen at the drivers meeting.


  • Kenny Trucking & Excavating
  • Recker Motorsports
  • Pestel Properties
  • Charley’s Heating & Cooling
  • Custom Heating & Plumbing
  • Loomis Transport
  • Sidney’s Judges Bench
  • Mt. Pleasant Tire Service
  • Taylor Equipment
  • J&K Trucking
  • Wilson’s Lawn Care
  • Marrita’s Pizza